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BinariesLid Ltée. is a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider that was founded in 2009.
We are specialized in developing smart solutions to help corporations adopt new and advanced technologies. We strive to stay up to date with the latest technological innovation to facilitate their adoption by the corporate sector.

Our expertise intersects between Mixed Reality, Natural Language Processing, and Intelligent Conversational Agents. We are a member of the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) and a member of the "Consortium for Research and Innovation in Aerospace in Quebec (CRIAQ)".

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BinariesLid Ltée.
1176 Rue Bishop,
Montreal, Quebec H3G2E3


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Phone: 1-(514)-700-0056 (from 9 am to 5 pm EST)
Fax: 1-(514)-600-0501
Toll Free: 1-(800)-377-3458 (Service Support)


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