We provide various software based solutions for businesses. The solutions include an online project accounting platform, a web based accounting API, an intelligent bookkeeping Bot, an intelligent marketing matchmaking platform, and HoloLens applications. Our main focus is on smart business applications that use Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing that can help businesses process information faster.

The following is a list of our latest solutions:

HoloLens Development

Hololens Montreal
buildwagon is a Hololens Javascript development platform that offers you a handy and fast method to develop for the Hololens. Our platform provides you with an online editor allowing you to write Javascript code in your browser and automatically view the results on your HoloLens (no need to re-build, upload, re-setup, and re-run just build once and refresh the scene from within the HoloLens app). buildwagon»

Intelligent Bots Platform

Intelligent Bots
We have developed an intelligent bot platform based on Microsoft cloud solutions that allows developers to create their own Bot based applications. The platform makes it easy to automatically analyze an interaction data set, expand it using an automated textual entailment procedures, and generate a ready Restful API Bot that you can use in your own application.

Example bot:
The customer support assistance bot is used assist your customer support team in being more efficient in answering your customers' requests. Simply provide the platform with the default set of customer support interactions and the platform will generate your own bot API URL that you can use in your development.

Online Project Accounting (ERP34)

ERP34 is an online accounting and finance solution for project based businesses:

  • Track timesheet, timeoff, and employee expenses.
  • Project Invoicing according to employees recorded timesheet, and project profitability reporting.
  • Employee record management and payroll payments according to recorded timesheet.
  • Manage suppliers information, purchasing, and recurring payments.
  • Finance and accounting reporting: profit and loss, balance sheet, trial balance, general ledger, A/R aging, A/P Aging, and 70 other reports.
ERP34 Service »

Web Accounting API

Accounting API
A complete backend service providing a general web accounting API for software developers. Allowing developers to quickly build their own accounting interface. The aPI is a general business datastore, in addition of being a general accounting API to a double entry accrual accounting engine that follows the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).
  • A business data store: track business accounts such as employee account, customer account, vendor account, project account, bank account, user account, financial account...
  • Business transactions: track business transactions, and post to the company general ledger when necessary. Tracked business transactions include: employee expense, time entry, customer quotes, invoices, credit memo, financial charges, vendor purchase order, vendor bills, payments, bank transactions, journal entries...
  • Accounting Reports: generate company accounting and financial reports such as balance sheet, cash flow statement, trial balance, general ledger, profit and loss....
  • Other features: supports multiple currencies, custom field's storage, multilevel chart of accounts, and full audit trail...
Accounting API »

Top Marketing Agencies in Montreal

Montreal Top Agencies - RunUps
We have developed a natural language application service that considers several factors for ranking agencies in Montreal. The application takes into consideration the agency web reputation, social reputation, employee's feedback, client's feedback, size, type of service and other factors to determine who are the top agencies. RunUps is completely automated web application that shows the top agencies ranked through our algorithm and it is auto-updated on a daily basis. RunUps »

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