BinariesLid is committed to bringing together people with shared passion for technological innovation and research. We put together special events and activities for researchers and practitioners on a regular basis to connect talent from different fields and push them to brainstorm and explore the newest technologies that our company is invested in. At least once every month, our premises get transformed into a hub for experts in innovation, computer science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, linguistics, natural language processing, big data, audiovisual, and storytelling. Simply put, if you have interest in technology and innovation: We want to get to know you.

HoloLens Community

Hololens Montreal
Montreal HoloLens Center
We are the first software company in Montreal to develop mixed reality applications using the world first self-contained holographic computer: the HoloLens. The HoloLens can recognize the environment around you and overlay hologhraphic information. It can also understand the user gaze, gestures, and voice. A complete revolutionary way to communicate and explore. A hologram is similar to real world objects but it is virutal (made entirely from light), and when using the HoloLens they will appear as if they really existed in front of you. Unlimited possibilites for Montreal based businesses to innovate using the Hololens. HoloLens Center»

Intelligent Bots Community

Intelligent Bots
Montreal Intelligent Bots Center
We are the only service provider in Montreal that offers companies with minimal technical expertise the possibility to build their artificial agent “bot” using a user-friendly interface. “botwagon” is a bot development platform designed by our experts to support executives with their business needs. Intelligent bots are the new revolution in the world of technology. They are computer programs that use artificial intelligence to mimic human conversations. Bots with a good artificial intelligent backbone and accurate machine-learning models can now offer a more personalized experience to customers in a process that humanizes the technology. The idea is to offer your customers a reliable and smooth experience of accessing your company’s services by chatting with a bot, which appears alongside their regular contacts of their favorite messaging app put in use. Experts in the technological fields project that “bots are the new apps”. Intelligent Bots Center»


January 25 2018
We want to give as many of you as possible an opportunity to try HoloLens firsthand with members of BinariesLid HoloLens development team. The demos will be hosted at our Location Conference Room#2. The Demos are one-on-one and first come, first serve basis.
Fill the form below to become a member of our community and to join us to this event. Join Us»

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