Our portfolio includes the following software solutions with high value offerings in the fields of artificial intelligence, mixed reality, natural langauge processing, and big data analysis technology. Our main focus is on smart business applications that use eXtended Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Natural Language Processing and that can help businesses process information faster.

The following is a list of our active portfolio:

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buildwagon website
Buildwagon is a Mixed Reality development platform in JavaScript that offers you a handy and fast method to develop for mixed reality devices such as the Hololens. The platform provides you with an online code editor allowing you to write Javascript code in your browser and automatically view the results on your HoloLens (no need to re-build, upload, re-setup, and re-run just build once and refresh the scene from within the HoloLens app).

Buildwagon Studios: We work alongside your team to explore innovative solutions in the mixed reality realm that transform your business and immerse your stakeholders in experiences that serve your customers better. We use a 4-phase consultation approach that includes Assessment, Ideation, Validation, and MVP. Lastly, we will scale the MVP to a fully-fledged solution and according to your needs.


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DepthXR is VR for Architecture & Design Collaboration, it is an online platform that allows people to work together using AR and VR for architecture, design, and construction projects from anywhere in the world.


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