Technology is evolving fast. buildwagon will help you catch up with the innovation in the field of hololens development.
As a developer, you can now build on your existing knowledge and jump on the bandwagon of mixed reality with no learning curve.
If you are skilled in Javascript, buildwagon equips you with the necessary tools to be a hololens developer.
buildwagon is a HoloLens JavaScript development platform that offers you a handy and fast method to develop for the Hololens. The platform is based on Microsoft HoloJs and other open source and proprietary technologies. It came to life when our internal development team felt the need to streamline the Hololens development process, and the end results were rewarding.

buildwagon comes in three distinct components:
Hololens Javascript Development Platform

buildwagon online editor

buildwagon online hololens development
The online editor allows you to write Javascript code in a "Text Editor" on the cloud and directly view the results in a “Renderer” on the same screen. You can now create your own HoloLens app, develop it in JavaScript using the Three.js 3D library, and see the results of your work come to life in an easy and efficient process.
The buildwagon Online Editor is a valuable tool that will transform you into a Hololens developer where you can build Mixed Reality experiences the same way you usually build for the web, and simply using javascript. In additon, the buildwagon Online Editor gives your developers an access to edit and host their code on the cloud, so multiple developers will be able to collaborate on the same project.

The main advantage of the platform is the HoloBuild, the mixed reality component Library that allows the BuildWagon user to quickly build mixed reality applications.
The Library contains over 70 customizable UI component to speed up the development time. Components ranging from simple holographic buttons, to 3d maps, and beyound.
Another important advantage offered by the editor is allowing your code to access the following Hololens features:
  • Hologram Rendering
  • Gaze
  • Gesture
  • Spatial Mapping

buildwagon hololens browser

buildwagon hololens app browser
The ‘buildwagon Hololens Browser’ enables you to render your creation to the Hololens device, where you will be able to demo, view, and test your application in a 3D setting. Any change you apply to your application code in the online editor is only a refresh button away from your Hololens device; thus, your Hologram development process could not be any easier.

No need to re-build, upload, setup, and run. Just code on the online editor, refresh the buildwagon browser, and your hologram app will be updated.
The collaboration is not only limited to the coding process, but also extends to the consumption phase where holograms of virtual users from your team located at different locations can be viewed directly on their browser or on their HoloLens device.

buildwagon app packager

The Microsoft Hololens Development experience cannot be complete without the application packager. The application packager enables you to create your own universal windows application package to install on the HoloLens.

  • The application will contain your own brand name,
  • It will include your own icon set
  • And could be published to the window store for public or commercial sale.

Give it a try now, start your first hololens application in JavaScript and using our online Editor : Online HoloLens Development 101 »

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